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Welcome to The Centre For Transformation

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Thanks for coming to see what we are about. Its good to connect with you. Let us introduce you to our Centre and answer some questions that you probably have about us.

What is The Centre For Transformation?

The Centre For Transformation of the Canadian Rocky Mountains is a non-denominational adult consciousness School that combines meditation, education and spiritual practices as a foundation to learning The Wisdom of the Ages and The Mechanics of Consciousness.

The Centre, which is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is an evolving community of non-religious, yet very spiritual, like-minded individuals, all awakening to their conscious evolution, learning to live authentic, empowering and fulfilling lives.

Why Attend The Centre For Transformation?

As the illusion goes to excess, millions of people struggle through life, living in a constant state of fear, sadness and confusion, asking the eternal questions ...."Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" "What on earth is going on?". Through the teachings and community environment of The Centre For Transformation, students have access to information that holds the secrets to living life as it was meant to be lived during these taxing times. Sacred knowledge that has been kept secret, for thousands of years is now available. It is now time for truth to be disclosed. These are sacred truths and techniques that have been passed down through the ages, under oath, by Masters to the Initiate , thus ensuring the truth was kept pristine.

Who brings the wisdom and the guidance?

Zale Zeviar is the Founder and main facilitator of The Centre For Transformation. In 1990 while at the top of his game in the corporate world, he heeded the cries of his soul and retreated from life to create a new beginning. After many years of intense meditation and studying, under a profound Master Teacher, in another country, while studying the Wisdom of the Ages and the Mechanics of Consciousness, he subsequently created the school to help teach and support adults in their evolution with the advancement of their consciousness.

How is the Teaching Given?

Through a variety of modalities that facilitate steady learning and growth via classes, spiritual retreats, one-on-one coaching, special interest speakers and workshops. Students are offered the opportunity to learn:

Please call for additional information 403.278.8859.

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Messages from the Founder

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